Is our story here @ hale's end FARMS

We are Matthew & Christa and we along with our four children are hale's end FARMS. We have a small family owned farm with 18 planted acres of aurora blueberries - of which all began in 2018!

We have a small crew of two other live-on-the-land farmers, a few part time family field workers and our family of six who dedicate time to producing a beautiful crop of blueberries in late august and early september.

#mumsaysworkbeforeplay Mum always told us to work first, and play (hard!) after, and this always leads us down to what we affectionately call our end-of-the-road dyke access -- "hale's end beach club" after a hot day!


Because we are #notyourtypicalfarm we actually rent paddle boards for your family to use after visiting the farm! Visit our little #boardandberry farm SHOP starting August 21st, 2020!

We hope you are intrigued by our unique take on farming here in Pitt Meadows, BC -- and look forward to your visits to our FARM!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our sweet FARM doggo, Navy, the one-eyed blue Great Dane! She is sure to drool on you while you visit the SHOP for your berries or your boards!